All our terminals are equipped to handle bulk.

Ferrol Outer Port, located at the entrance of the city, about 15km from the inner port, operates the largest bulk terminal of our entire network. Its 20 meters of available draft accommodates vessels of up to 200,000 tonnes of deadweight tonnage.

It is the entrance door of deep waters to the northwest part of Spain.


Our unmatched experience in the handling of forestry products makes it a leader in this field. The diversity and the technical assets of the fleet of machinery, combined to the extensive know-how of its labour, are the core of our world-renowned expertise.

Our know-how is as strong as the product we handle: wood.


Every port throughout our network has the expertise, the personnel and the necessary equipment to handle any kind of cargo.
Wind turbines – development of customized handling solutions for all wind turbines components.
Forest products – Newsprint, wood pulp, lumber, linerboard, woodchips and wood pellets are handled by us.
And more…We also handle granite, palletized cargo, livestock, big bags, containers, transformers, contaminated soils, steel products, military equipment, etc.

Always prepared to innovate, we propose tailored solutions to specific handling osperation.


Performance in the stevedoring industry begins with knowledge of the maritime network’s complexities. Understanding the particulars of this world of its own is an essential part of a successful planning.